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a second term.the swing states message for mitt romney.s and... bundle up.snow... is on the muchhwe could get... and when it will get here. 3 3 wwdneeday, november 7th. 3 3 p3 3
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3 3 -3 the votes are in.presideet barack obama will have another four years as president of the united states of america. america.the announcement was this orning... megan closed. gilliland is here ith how thee numbbrs broke down and how the president is reacting to the news. good morning guys,jjst aater 11:00 last night... it was clear that president barack obama would have another term as president. prrsident. --claiming .... % of the and defeating his republican
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opponentt governor miit romney. --the popular vote is one tting... but o win... you need to win the eeectoral how this played out nationally.. nationally... &p--some states sttll are not i yet... but you can see the president has already ccaimee potes required to win-- he on states... virginia also ohio... which became aa - crucial battleground state state --marylann was deciddd almost as soon assthe pools closed... you ccn see...--it wasn't until the early morring --it wasn't until the early morning hours... that president bama made his acceptance speech... pisten in... obama says: while our journey has bben long we have picked ourselvvs up we have fought our way back and we know in the est is yet to come"
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baaack obama was re-elected... &phe tweeted this photo with th caption... "four more years." the photo has been re-tweeted more ttan half a millioo times since. coming up nexx half hour... hear goverror mitt romeny's why the president says the tww will be workiig together in the future.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 mornnng news. the voters have poken... joel d. smith is livv at jimmy's in fells point to see which decisions are getting the ost attention this morning .... and to finddout how your lives will change baseddon the eeults. good morning joel d. 3 3 3
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3it was a rrugh night for republiians in maryland... melinda roeder has a report from heir watch-party headquar. 18:43:37 melinda oeder intro - "well what was night party...(cover with some video of boogino aad thhn andy harris)18:44:31.... and a democrat- controlled senate."soundbite: 18:53:00-18:53:07 "i'll actually be the only repressntative... 18:53:07 "i'll actuully be soundbite: 18:53:00-controlled senate." .... and a democrrt-18:44:31 democrat-connrolled ssnate." soundbite: 18:53:00-18:53:07 "i'll actually be the onny representative... majority party in the house." disappointing night... fox 45 nees." &p of the u-s senate.while poll -
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results were still trickling in for some significant racess it immosssble for republicans to regain control of the chamberrthe senate has been n the hands of the deeocraas since 2206. republicann are celebrating ooe big winnthis morning. although he votes arr still
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being couuted in several states... it look like the g-o-p will mainnain control of the house of rrpresentatives. contrrl in the 2012 midterm ellctions. paul ryan may not have become vice president last night... but he will e coming back to washington.ryan represents wisconsin's first congressionaa district and challenger for an 8th term in the house. edition... on a mission... to ve vooe.the 99-year-old baltimore stand in her way. 3 ((break 1)) ((ad lib ((brrak 1))((break 1)) 3
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3 ((traffic reporterrad libs)) map 40 map liberty map shawan map 40 map liberty map shawan 3
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3 3 3- still to come... casey anthony... gets unwelcome news. news.the ruling made by florida judgg... in the civil suit against her. an elderly voter... does her baltimore woman ooercame... to ((break 2)) 3 3
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among the thousands of voters casting their ballots tuesday... was woman from northwest kathleen cairns explains... thh woman... who is just a few diin't let herrage revent her &pfrom picking a president. presiddnt. (voice-"be real careful") harriet has been waiting ffr thissddy: "i'm going to vooe for my president- bows head" herjourney: just two miles: (voice)"ya think you can get me in that car? yeah we can
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get you in ttere."(man lifts will decide the destinn of a nation. (in car close on harriet)"im 99 now i will be born in 1913... when william - &ptaft waa president... a a young womann.. she remembers casting her first vote: for franklin roosevelt.(voice onlly"im so glad to be able to vote"she arrrves at ashburton elementary school:(voice)"look at the people here.."there are longglines... (harriet)"if i vote for oneepprson.. im ready to go home... llugh"(man at counter)"first name"(nurse and harriet)"right where the x is" harriet recalls priorr presidential races:(harriet) remember... didd ou vote for bush... who? "but she's not concerned about the past... (in boothh"she this is real hard for me to rrach"this ccncerned about the future. (in booth)""ow what do i do now?"(close from front)"i havent voted? nnt yett. not &ti which buttom"-nattpop-"got one
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of names and issues.... (two shoo wider from front)"i dont know what its about"but harriet 's quust to ecide who lives in the white house for &pthe exx 4 years.. is complete. wheeling away from boooh)"thank you.. thaak you god... " her ccvic duty: done. ("heres you sticker that says.. i votedd.") in northwest balt. voiie " i wanttto beesure i can vott." jones is one of the hundreds of people in this area who rides to polling places. for a woman in illinois... it was her irstttime voting in a presidential ellction... and nothhng was going to stop her... not even giving birth. p1-year-old galicii malone made it to the polls tuesday morning... even ttough her water had broken and sheewas goingginto labor..aaone was en route to the hhspital... when she detoured ... casting her ballot while her contractions were about 5 minutes apart... malone finally made it to the
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hospital after voting. straight ahead... new york and nor'easter.the ajor precautionn that are bbing taken... just a week after super torm andy. ((break 3)) i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office. [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios there comes a moment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i saw that picture, i really got it. i can enjoy the game better at home than going to the stadium. i got it when our apartment became the apartment. [ female announcer ] switch to fios for our best price online -- just $84.99 a month for a year with no annual contract. or get this great price and $300 back with a two-year agreement. go to today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities once you've got it, at 800-974-6006 tty/v. you get it. &pdead and 2 othhrs listed inn
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stable and seeiouu ccndition... fter shots ring out at a california plant. adam housley has the stooy. a gruesome scene at a chicken processing factory tueeday morningginnfresno. gunfire erupts... hiiting several workers at the apple valley farms plant.mos says: " is very scary, very surreal to see a crrme actually happen in front of yoo..." the suspect iddntified as 42 year oldd lawrence jones. police say jones moved methodically around the building... placing his handggn against the head or neck of his &pvictimssthennpulling thh trigger. chief jerry dyer/ fresno police dept. "... according to one oo his coworkers he did not appear to be himmelffwhen he came to
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work // he pulled oot a handgun and began opeeing fire on several of his co- workers..."" at least four people were shot. one pronouncedddead at the scene, another died after peing transported to the hospiial. police say jones off.chief jerry dyer / fresno olice dept. " s difficult to say at this point if ittwas a specific targgt ttat jooes was lookkng for,, again he had been inside forr somethiig that must have perraps occurred toddy or building up to today..." law enforcemenn says jones has a checkerrd past.chief jerry dyer / fresno police dept. "...he has annextensive criminal history that dates way back into thh 90s and to oor knowledge he is a discharred paroleee.."(anchor tag) jones was found heed outside the buulding. he was rushed to an area hhspital where he later died of his injuries. in los aageles, adam housley, fox news.
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3a fllrida judgg denies a request from casey anthooy... to move her civil trial out of orlando.the judge ruled be heard in the same courthouse where a jury &pacquitted anthony in the murder of her daughter caylee. woman who claims herrlife was upended... after anthony said kkdnapppd caylee.the nannn did not exxst, and the child was later found dead. the trial s set for januaar. officials in new york and new jerssy are preparing for a days aftee being hit by super ptorm sandy.the mayor f brick township, new jersey has alreaay ordered aamandatory eeacuation aheed of the &pstorm... which could hit tonight. governor chris christte says utility companies areedoing a pretty good job restoring power... people baak online...but in new yook... governor andrew comppnies... with hundreds of still in heedark.he staae - cuumo says: "i promise the people of this state that the utilitt companies will be held we will alss learn from this si"
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situation." new york officials also reparing for the looming nor'easter... keeping out-of-state utility &pworkers in the area as long a needee. coming up... marylann voters mmke some big decisioos... at the polls. polls.the results of the referendum... on same sex parriage. 3president barack obama is re- elected to a second term.the swing states that helped him win and why he says he will be working witt his republican opponent in the future. 3 33 3- the voters have spoken
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analyzing the resslts of the 45 neww at five..3 3 itts our ffx455 "thanks giveaway!" giveeway!"we're giving away 100 dollar visaagiftcards every hour, everyday on fox45 morning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving.

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